Small Housing catalyzes the evolution of single-detached neighbourhoods to provide ground oriented homes, equitable for all.

We’re in a housing crisis. Our friends and relations are struggling to find available, affordable, and appropriate homes. It’s not just stressing them out, it’s stressing our whole economy—as hospital and EMS workers, teachers, service workers, and trades struggle to find a place they can afford, and many people, especially younger generations, find themselves priced out of our larger cities. We have solutions right in front of us.

8 different housing typologies highlighted in yellow: Secondary Suites, Houseplexes, Row Homes, Rinty Homes, Pocket Neighbourhoods, Lock-off Suites, Small-lot Homes, and Laneway Coach Houses.

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A Guidance Paper detailing recommendations to assist various actors involved in planning for and financing growth-related infrastructure, especially as it relates to new gentle density development.

A Guidance Paper identifying existing and emerging tools for local governments to increase the supply of gentle density and enhance its affordability.

To deal with the housing crisis, we need to strata-title ADUs, implement a province-wide GDH mechanism, and further drive attainable housing options.

Cover of Small Houses Toolkit report.

Pros and cons of smaller forms while outlining innovations in small scale living from across North America.

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