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Planners Community of Practice: Gentle Density Network

The Gentle Density Network is a space for community planners to tackle collective housing challenges together. The GDN hosts online and in-person events where members gather, learn, and share ideas, challenges, and experiences around gentle density topics.

Planners Community of Practice: Planners Forum

Accessed via the Gentle Density Toolbox, the Planners’ Forum is a facilitated online community where planners can connect and share insights about implementing gentle density in their communities.

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Annual Gentle Density Leaders Summit

The Gentle Density Leaders Summit is Small Housing’s flagship educational and networking event that convenes thought-leaders and key innovators from housing, planning and related local government professions, building design, construction, real estate, and finance to explore emerging practices in policy and regulation, showcase exemplary design and innovation, and discuss proven and emerging approaches that encourage new gentle density development.

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